Video Chat Briefing - More features

Last year I started video chat projects. First with which I wanted to contribute to the education of younger children. Then from that, which focuses on secure communication.

Briefing in particular has found many friends on Github and is now available in several languages, including Chinese and very recently Russian.

The project has a very simple design and uses the Javascript framework Vue. All the necessary functions are available, plus even such exciting features as hiding or swapping a person’s background.

Some native apps are also available, but among them the iOS App with support for AppClips (enter rooms via QR code or NFC transmitter) is especially worth mentioning.


Besides sharing a URL to enter a shared room, there is also the possibility to embed Briefing directly into your own website. A simple IFrame makes it possible, like this one:

  allow="camera; microphone; fullscreen; speaker; display-capture"

For easy configuration, there is now an IFrame Tool where anyone can quickly configure their code themselves with a few clicks:


If you want to have full control, you can also install all the components that are necessary for operation yourself. Instructions can be found in the README on Github.

Commercial license

Briefing is open source, but under the EUPL v1.2 license, which is a European answer to the GPL. This means that changes have to be published under the same license.

However, if it is desired not to publish changes, it is certainly fair to acquire a commercial license that offers these freedoms. Everything about this can also be found in the README.


Currently I’m working on a third product that should follow in the footsteps of Briefing. The focus is on better scalability, privacy and encryption, and relatime collaboration. The development is already well advanced. More about that soon here…

Published on April 16, 2021

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